Tim New, flute and saxophones, Bejazzled, York

Tim New:

Tim came to York in 1973 to study Maths at York University. After a brief spell of teaching Maths in school, his heart drew him away to live the life of a musician. His career in music spans the past 35 years, during which he’s played in many bands and ensembles, covering a diverse range of styles from folk and rock to soul, jazz, and baroque chamber music, though his first love is jazz, particularly the music he plays with “Bejazzled”

During that time he’s performed all around Britain, with spells working in regional repertory theatre, and doing numerous recordings for local and national TV and radio, and many other commercial recordings.

At the same time he worked as a committed private instrumental teacher, mostly teaching flute and saxophone to students of all ages in his music studio at his home in York. He’s also maintained his interest in maths with some private tutoring.

It’s mainly as a result of his teaching that he’s been able to develop a long-term passion - writing music. His compositions have been gratefully received by his students, who appreciate being so close to the source of the music they’re playing. Other teachers have also picked up on his writing, and are now using his material in their own lessons. He’s also been commissioned to write music for various different local ensembles. One of his recent compositions has been used as background music for an on-line promotional video by Aviva.

The success of his music has led him to promote and sell it to a much wider market,  through his Score Exchange web page

He now has a growing reputation both locally and internationally, as a composer who writes music that amateur and professional musicians all over the world like to play and perform.

With his experience of marrying music and visual images, he has recently been commissioned to write music for a video of York produced by York Civic Trust, and included on the York Civic Trust website.

To contact Tim regarding any aspect of his work, phone him at the office, or email

or write to Tim New, 18 Kilburn Road, York YO10 4DE

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