What sort of music does Bejazzled play?

Styles of music

Although usually performing as a trio Bejazzled play music of various styles, genres and vintages. While being able to call upon the traditional through to the modern jazz repertoires, Bejazzled places the importance of a good tune ahead of any other musical allegiances. They play numbers covered by Frank Sinatra, Micheal Bublé and Ella FitzGerald, from the songbooks of the greats, such as Cole Porter, Jerome Kern and George Gershwin.

Tim's gentle saxophone style lends itself admirably to the swing numbers and ballads favoured by Stan Getz. Don's complex rhythms on guitar give bossa novas and other Latin standards a pleasing authenticity. Add to this a smattering of rock and roll, some Beatle numbers and other pop classics.


They also have a great Christmas repertoire and are popular at Christmas parties and hotel special events.

Tim - frequently alternating between tenor sax, soprano sax and flute on the same number - calls upon a wide selection of well known melodies ranging from Green Sleeves, through the Show tune favourites, to a range of well-known TV and film theme tunes. And, of course, this line-up also enjoys delving into the repertoire of Django Reihnardt and the Quintet de Hotclub de France.

Tim or Don would be most happy to discuss your specific musical requirements before a performance.

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