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The Forum is a posting place to browse comments, observations or longer articles, on anything connected with our hobby. 

Please note, articles are contributed on a voluntary basis and are copyright.  They may be quoted providing the author and the Bejazzled, wedding music York site link are referenced.


What does a preamp do? Do you need one?, by Don Lodge

Linn Streamers - firmware, by Don Lodge

Melco N1A Digital Music Store, by Don Lodge

The sKale arm counterweight by Tiger Paw, by Don Lodge

Taming the Linn Ninka loudspeaker, by Don Lodge

Mogami W2972 and Tellurium Q cables, by Don Lodge

In praise of Tone Controls, by Don Lodge

First impressions of the Linn Dynamik Power Supply, and article by Geraldine Coates

The Long Player Goodbye by Travis Elborough - a review by Don Lodge

First impressions of the Marigo Labs Signature 3-D Stabilizer by Don Lodge

Screws to defeat suspended wooden floors - Don Lodge

Some thoughts about mains leads and sockets for hifi     Mike Ashdown

The danger of trying to cure amplifier hiss   Mike Ashdown

Hifi rant   Mike Ashdown

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