Don Lodge, Bejazzled, York

Don Lodge, musician and painter in oils

Don has been playing gypsy jazz guitar since swapping his old banjo for a Django Reinhard record: he still has the LP. While living in the south of England Don was further encouraged through his friendships with Diz Disley and Dave Lipson, from whom he learned the basis of his assertive rhythmic style.

Don Lodge playing guitar with Bejazzled at Christmas

Don Lodge, guitarist

As one of the founder members of Bejazzled, Don enjoys the spontaneity and close interplay between the instruments that a small band allows. He enjoys teaching those who wish to develop this specialised facet of the jazz guitar.

Don Lodge is also an accomplished artist who has been painting pictures on commission for a number of years. He particularly likes the challenges of portrait painting.

A selection of his paintings are in the slide show, above.

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